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Working For The Team

From L to R: Bob Speelman, Catrina Barnes, Marlayna "Mo" Olenick, George Dubic

Nov 14, 2018
Note: This story is from the blog of Bob Speelman, VP of Business Development and Culture at Foundations Health Solutions. Founded by nursing home developer Brian Colleran, Foundations Health Leaders work with nursing assistants each week to better learn the company's goal of being A Culture of Care. 

I had the wonderful opportunity today to work at Heather Hill. Heather Hill Care Communities is a beautiful nursing home in Chardon, Ohio, run by George Dubic, Administrator, and Marlayna “Mo” Olenick, Director of Nursing. Heather Hill has an absolutely incredible team of caregivers and one in particular, Catrina Barnes, I had the privilege of working alongside. Catrina has been at Heather Hill for three years and has worked as a nursing assistant for fifteen years. At forty years old Catrina has three children, a daughter who is 21, a son who is 20, and another daughter who is 15 years old. Catrina drives 40-50 minutes each way to work, passing other nursing facilities along the way. When I asked Catrina why she drives the distance, she smiled and said, “we are a family here; I love my team and I love ‘Mo,’ the Director of Nursing.” Catrina’s comment made me think about the importance we have as leaders in making our work culture a place where everyone on the team knows their worth.

“Great leaders believe they work for their team,
Average leaders believe their team works for them.”
- Alexander Den Heijer

As we worked the floor, the residents made the following comments about Catrina:
“She’s honest, happy and dependable,”
“I value her opinion,”
“Catrina put’s her heart into us,”
“She cares,”
“She’s kind and compassionate to us,”
“She’s always Happy”
and “She cares for all of us.”

The Heather Hill team wouldn’t be the same if Catrina wasn’t part of it.

It was obvious the impact that Catrina has on the lives of her residents and co-workers. All of her coworkers sang Catrina’s praise as a caregiver and the way that she’s always willing to help. Catrina was equally as complimentary of her coworkers. She praised the nurses she worked with as always willing to help and have the best interest of the patients in mind. It was wonderful to work with this team and to see their respect and appreciation for each other.

As we talked throughout the day we began talking about her children. Catrina told me her son was in college and has a speech impediment. She told me how a speech pathologist began working with him and how his speech had improved. It made such a difference to her son that he decided to change his major to Speech Pathology so he could make a difference for others in return. Catrina went on to brag about the therapy team at Heather Hill and the difference they’ve made in all the residents they care for.

Catrina – Thank you for sharing your day with me! You highlighted for me the great work our therapy team does each and every day and is often overlooked. Thank you for sharing the story about your son. It moved me and inspired me. Thank you for the love and care you show our residents each and every day. It’s caregivers like you and the team at Heather Hill that are the foundation of our company. You are our “Culture of Care.”

Bob Speelman, STNA

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