12340 Bass Lake Road | Chardon, Ohio 44024


Over the years, due to surgeries and the need for strengthening, I have been a return patient at Heather Hill. The nurses and aides are always kind, helpful, and attentive. My physical and occupational therapists are always excellent and encouraging, and they work hard to help me reach my goals and achieve the independence I need to return home. The food is good, the building is clean and I feel very comfortable. I recommend Heather Hill to anyone in need of rehabilitation or long term care.


At the hospital where I spent two months before coming to Heather Hill, the Doctor didn’t hold much hope for me. They told my family that it was likely I wouldn’t survive. Thanks to the care of the Heather Hill staff, I learned how to walk again, breathe without a respirator, eat and drink without a feed tube, and do all the other things most people take for granted. Thank you all for giving me my life back.


Wonderful. Simply the Best, I always tell everyone the OT’s and PT’s really know what they are doing. The caregivers do a very good job. Nurses and Staff are outstanding.