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Trick or Treaters Welcomed in Chardon Nursing Home

November 1, 2019
Our Heather Hill family and friends from the Chardon community joined us this week to Trick or Treat throughout the building.

We had so much fun getting to see everyone's costumes. Thank you for celebrating with us!

Our residents enjoy being in our Chardon community. At Heather Hill Care Communities, we are so fortunate to have such incredible caregivers that support our residents and families. We believe our "Culture of Care" extends beyond the walls of our nursing home and always have a great time with our Chardon neighbors.

As part of the Foundations Health Solutions family, Heather Hill Care Communities follows the values of nursing home developer Brian Colleran by creating a Culture of Care in our nursing home and community.

News & Events

Trick or Treaters Welcomed in Chardon Nursing Home
Thanks to all who stopped through Heather Hill!

Chardon Nursing Home Prepares for Trick or Treaters
We're excited to host our Chardon community at Heather Hill!

Chardon Nursing Home Supports Sisters of Notre Dame
Heather Hill is proud to support the Sisters of Norte Dame Lions!

Community Western-Themed BBQ
Thanks to all who joined us!

Back to School Raffle
Stop by now through August 9th!

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